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Imprint is a Xerox Executive plus Partner. This means we are one of a few certified Sales & Service Partners of Xerox India. You can rely on us for our extensive Xerox product knowledge, Technical expertise, and straightforward advice.

 The process by which people discover experience and assimilate elements of surrounding world is called IMPRINTING. The first meaning full experience is called the IMPRINTING moment. As we move ahead with this new millennium and a digital era, offices in India will be discovering and Acquiring exciting new technologies, which will transform these offices into world-class organizations and equip them to face the challenges of the future.


 We as Authorized Sales & Service Partner of Xerox India Limited, imbibing the best practices from Xerox, for you.....


Customer satisfaction is a passion for every employee at IMPRINT. From our Xerox Linage.... to our innovations to our quality programs to our field services... every step at IMPRINT is tuned to a single goal - CUSTOMER FIRST.


Imprint Automation Services Pvt. Ltd. is an Authorised Sales & Service Partner of Xerox India Limited 

Our Service Initiatives, for customers........

Customer Satisfaction is the basic business principle at Imprint. Indeed, we believe that it is the very heart of our business. Some of the investments we have made to reach out more efficiently to you are:

Computerized Work Control System: State-of-the-art communication equipments is manned by a dedicated team to log customer complaints. Instant access to service engineers has been made possible by location tracking & auto-paging in the System.


Online Access to Remote Support Tools: All technical manuals, drivers, knowledge base is available for our engineers online.


A fully computerised Work Control System ensures a swift and efficient response to your complaints. Every complaint is logged in and distributed location wise among engineers in the field. Response times are recorded and follow up visits are automatically programmed.


Available when you need us: A special 9 to 9 service has been initiated to cater to extended working hours in Organizations. A 24 hour service is also provided for mission critical areas like telecom billing, where our engineers Remain accessible round the clock, for any emergency.

Advanced Key Operator Training (AKOT) - Customer problems are effectively solved in real time, without the time lag of engineers reaching the site. Key Operators are trained on several fault areas, so that minor faults can be rectified on site. This, coupled with initiatives like Call Ahead and Customer Preferred Response Time. has Increased engineer productivity.














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